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Discover all the events at our bars in Port de Nice and Place du Pin! Stay informed each month about our news and unmissable events. Follow us so you don’t miss anything!
Roda de Choro evening at Foam Pin
2 Thursdays per month
7:30 PM
The Nissa Roda association sets up at Foam Place du Pin.
Choro? It’s an instrumental Brazilian music, ancestor of samba, with only good vibes.
Come enjoy the musicians for evenings full of warmth and good beer!
Salsa Night at Foam Pin
Every Saturday night
6:30 PM
Saturdays evenings at FOAM Place du Pin:
6.30pm Salsa beginner
7.15pm Beginner Bachata
20.00 Bachata Inter/ Advanced
8.45pm Salsa Inter/ Advanced
9.30pm Latino Evening
Contact Laurent at 0650523522
Karaoke night at Foam Pin
Once a month
7:00 PM
An opportunity to sing, enjoy some cold beer, and share good times. So come join us at Foam Pin for an even wilder evening.
George Michael better watch out.
Café des langues at Foam Pin
Every Tuesday evening
7:00 PM
Join us every Tuesday starting at 6:30 PM for the Language Café at Foam Pin!
Because it’s much easier to practice a language with a drink in hand, isn’t it?
LEACTIVNICE association welcomes you to the Café des langues.
Foam Port foosball tournament
Once a month
Once a month, reserve your evening for the FOAM FOOSBALL TOURNAMENT 🏆
Register your team and win big! 🎉
PS: Full-spinning is strictly forbidden, of course! 🚫
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Discover all the events at our bars in Port de Nice and Place du Pin.
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