Our beer


FOAMER and craft beer expert, come discover our range of FOAM beers.

In 2022, we launched our own FOAM bottled beer, a craft beer crafted by our brewer and brewed locally on the port of Nice in our facilities.
In 2023, we created our artisanal FOAM draft beer from hops grown and raised in Nice. Foam is much more than just interactive beer bars, it’s a tasting experience!
So, what’s this bottled FOAM beer like? Thirst-quenching : Blonde, light, refreshing, with floral and citrusy notes and lightky bitter. Foam is neither filtered nor pasteurized to allow the flavors to fully reveal themselves upon tasting and maintain its artisanal character. A beer that’s best enjoyed under the Nice sun.
Our brews are crafted in small volumes and limited editions to offer you new beers throughout the year.
In bottles or on tap, the choice is yours! Find all our beers in our FOAM bars, on the terrace on the port of Nice or on Place du Pin.
Stay tuned for more updates!